Lexar Episode 20 – The Finale

In Nerf Socom Episode 20 LPG makes the final move in an epic conclusion to the Lexar series.

Behind the Scenes: Coming Soon!
Bloopers/Outtakes: Coming Soon!


Adam Oliver as Jim
Julian Oliver as Jacob
Kyle Atkinson as Kyle
Andrew Kapral as Andrew


Samuel Rode
Justin Gracier
Alex Kapral
Allen Atkinson
Gavin Bridigan
Peter Gracier
Daniel Rode
Michael Rode
Eric White


Adam Oliver
Director, Editor, Producer

Julian Oliver
Co-Producer, Craft

Daniel Rode
Behind the Scenes, Audio Recorder

Peter Gracier
Primary Steady Camera Operator

Andrew Kapral
Cameraman, Boom Operator




  1. Alex says:

    It was a great series.

  2. livvy says:

    what is the smoke thing

  3. SimonHDS90 says:

    hooooooooooooow did you get that many guns,my mom wont let me buy a single nerf gun,but finally my mom lets me buy a nerf retailiator -_-

  4. Jeff says:

    This video is beast. i love it. this was the first episode i saw when my brother showed it to me last year we have 2 of those mega rifles.

  5. Jacob says:

    Love the series. Where on Earth do you get the money to buy all those NERF guns and how did your mom let you have 120 NERF guns. My mum wouldn’t let me have 15

  6. PipeLine044 says:

    Lexar Episode 20 Ending Theories:

    If you think about it, Andrew might have won. We know he escaped the handcuffs because the SWAT said he was armed. That and they said, “There he is!” Quite early. They probably wouldn’t have been downstairs by then so he indeed did escape. And he was likely to put up a decent fight because when he escaped, there were plenty of surrounding guns that he could have used. That and he was part of LPG. After the gunfire ended, there was silence. If Andrew had died, you would think the SWAT would have had conversation. Andrew might have killed off all but one SWAT person, and the person might have temporarily escaped. This would mean the battle there wasn’t quite over. Or more likely, Andrew died and one SWAT person survived, or Andrew killed all the SWAT people. But what was Andrew doing when SWAT was on their way? He might have taken that long to escape and maybe started to walk upstairs as SWAT arrived. If he had escaped the handcuffs earlier, then you would think he would grab a weapon and run. He maybe could have tried to fix the car or something. He could have been trying to restore Lexar as much as he could. If he escaped, knowing where LPG was located, he might have gone after them, or just got out of the SWAT’s way. One thing that I noticed was the fact that Andrew might have been able to escape much faster and maybe even catch up to LPG. When he was dragged over at 12:47, a Maverick was dragged with him and it was dragged to the point where Andrew could have reached it when he was cuffed to the post. It may have been continuity or Andrew not noticing it, but he could have easily escaped by grabbing the Maverick, using it to break free, and getting a better gun and catching up with the LPG. LPG took 45 seconds to finally drive off, and if continuity didn’t strike, then Andrew might have been able to catch up to them. I don’t know whether he would have done it for revenge and then escaping trouble. Lexar was the reason Andrew betrayed LPG, and it being destroyed meant there was really no reason for him to catch up with LPG other than revenge and trying to not get caught. Well those are my theories!

  7. ben burleigh says:

    hey guys i really like your videos and guns and ur acting is epic thanks 4 making those videos

  8. Zack Lemon says:

    What soundtrack

  9. josephtupas says:

    hey joseph tupas LA nerf guns 7

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