Lexar Episode 20 – The Finale

In Nerf Socom Episode 20 LPG makes the final move in an epic conclusion to the Lexar series.

Behind the Scenes: Coming Soon!
Bloopers/Outtakes: Coming Soon!


Adam Oliver as Jim
Julian Oliver as Jacob
Kyle Atkinson as Kyle
Andrew Kapral as Andrew


Samuel Rode
Justin Gracier
Alex Kapral
Allen Atkinson
Gavin Bridigan
Peter Gracier
Daniel Rode
Michael Rode
Eric White


Adam Oliver
Director, Editor, Producer

Julian Oliver
Co-Producer, Craft

Daniel Rode
Behind the Scenes, Audio Recorder

Peter Gracier
Primary Steady Camera Operator

Andrew Kapral
Cameraman, Boom Operator


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  1. reqwrqw says:

    what is the second song named?

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey, Adam and Julian. Where did you guys get the money to buy all of those Nerf Guns? (Please get back to me)

  3. Hello Adam what is the music called when you were realoading clips please get back to me

  4. Tophatturtle says:

    it would be cool if Adam and julian return

  5. what is the music called

  6. Andrew B says:

    You should have showed us what happened with the SWAT team at the end instead of making us guess!

  7. Andrew says:

    will you do another series nerf socom and were was Dave in this vid

  8. Will says:

    Best episode ever!!!!

  9. Patrick says:

    This was my favorite episode out of the whole series.you guys are great actors.and I would like to know what each of your favorite nerf guns are.

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