We Play Spaceteam! – Nerf Socom News 4

Adam, Julian, and Andrew talk about the newest Nerf News, the Contest and play a fun game!

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New videos:
Lexar Series Kill Count:

Zombie Strike Fusefire vs Vigilon

Proton vs Ripshot vs Ricochet Comparison

Elite Mega Centurion Stress Test

Rebelle Guardian Crossbow

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Contest information:
The winner of the last contest is “Matthew Keith”. He will be emailed within a week of this video’s post date (to the email he included in the comment form).

For the next contest, create a new Nerf battle game type. it can be any number of players, and can have various rules. Assume indoor conditions, but anything will be accepted. The team will be testing these game types in battle before a winner is decided. To enter, leave a comment on this page. Be sure to use the email you want to be contacted at! Good luck!

The winner will receive a free Nerf blaster of his/her choice. We will choose the winner on May 30th, in the next episode of NS News. If you are under 13, ask your parents/legal guardians before entering. This contest is open internationally (we will ship to international winners, no cost). The winner will be sent an email to the email provided when commenting. If the winner does not respond within 2 weeks of notice (after 3 attempts) we will choose another winner. You do not need to pick a blaster until we contact you.



  1. Bhanu vardhan india says:

    which is better elite rampage or elite rayven or elite stryfe only choose this question over previous

  2. Bhanu vardhan india says:

    Which is better elite rampage or elite rayven or elite stryfe

  3. Isaac Yap says:

    What is your phone number

  4. (:GiNgErBoY:) says:

    Question: How do you think you have progressed From lexar episode 1 to right now. And please don’t say you have more subs.

  5. JMLee says:

    Here’s my idea for a game.

    It’s called Last Man.

    The game is for 4-6 people. Each player is allowed one automatic or pump-action gun (must be a big gun) and may use a pistol as a sidearm if needed. Bandolier kits, Vortex ammo belts, Tactical Vests, and Nerf Dart Tag Vests are allowed. Also, you can use Nerf melee weapons.

    Each player has 2 lives. If he gets hit anywhere except the head or the privates, he loses one life. You keep playing until the guy who has the most lives left wins.

    If you are hit with a melee weapon anywhere except the head or the privates, you lose one life.


  6. ShanghongNerforNothing123 says:

    Its a combination of Team Elimination and capture the flag which consist of 3-10 players per team.Goal: To be on the last surviving team and capturing the opponents flag.There is also a VIP in each team to be protected. Once the VIP is eliminated,the team will lose.Only the VIP captures the flag and put it in their base. No respawning is allowed and only Nerf guns are allowed.
    Me and my friends have actually tried it out and so this is not spam message

  7. Survive:half of you shooters and the other half running. There are two sides and the last man running who did not get hit wins.I tried it out with my friends and works better with mega guns

  8. Archie crossley says:

    U have 4 savers 1 boss 1 hostage 4 guards the savers have any guns and the guards have any guns the savers have to get into the guards base with out alerting them they have to save the hostage ,kill the guards and boss and get the hostage safe

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