Elite Mega Thunderbow Review

Julian reviews the Nerf Elite Mega Thunderbow. The Effective Range on this gun ~45 feet.

Mega Series
Great Ranges
Easy to shoot

Poor Accuracy
No Sights

Mega Thunderbow.fw



  1. Abito says:

    Hey guys remember me my name is Abito I sent you guys a bunch of emails and your not sending me any more updates.

  2. CmPraisner99 says:

    Guys when nerf does their gun commercials they photoshop their darts hitting a target at 75 feet nerf LIES!!

  3. Cmpraisner99 says:

    Adam and Julian what nerf guns of each type do you recommend for example n strike or n strike elite please make a video of it or reply

  4. nerf lover says:


    Apart from that great video keep it up!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. James says:

    What month or day do you release the zombie part

  6. Charles says:

    can you guys review the sling fire

  7. Delf says:

    Can you PLEASE review the new guns, especially the demolisher. Im very excited about them.
    By the way I think the green indicator is there to tell you the gun is primed I.e you can release the strong and the dart will fire, it is to prevent premature releasing I guess.

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