Nerf Elite Rampage Review

Adam reviews the Nerf Elite Rampage. We should have also added that the new Elite blasters have rifled barrels (discovered after the review was filmed)!

Direct plunger (Great range and accuracy)
Slam fire
High capacity, while conserving space
Rifled barrel

No sights
No stock



  1. derick says:

    man i love the rampage

  2. Bob says:

    Adam On my way! Has a rampage kit. I dare you to mod it

  3. CmPraisner99 says:

    If you guys have a jamming problem when your rampage coking handle can’t cok back that means a dart is jamming it how I fix it is to drop it from 1 foot down

  4. JMLee says:

    the spring’s broken

    • Stephen says:

      If you mean the spring in the drum than ignore the reply to your statement about the 25 round drum underneath this, if not please rephrase the question.

  5. JMLee says:

    i have this gun its awesome but my 25 round mag is broken

    • Stephen says:

      How so? my rampage drum jammed and i thought it was broken when really all i had to do is twist the black jam release thing on the back and it worked fine. ps. i still have to do it occasionally

    • Charles says:

      Same to I took I apart then put it back then it work fine

      • Stephen says:

        Hasbro made the drum to be able to fix jams so i think just try the jam release thing and if that dosn’t work then maybe try taking it apart but I would never try that. along a different line has anyone here done a recon cs-6 clip release mod?

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