2015 N-Strike Comparison

Julian compares all of the N-Strike Series blasters released in 2015.

Leave a comment to which blaster you think should go on to the final comparison!



  1. Nerf896expert says:

    They have stopped

  2. derick says:

    nice I like the sharpfire

  3. Daniel says:

    I think the Crossbolt wins because this blaster can shoot up to 90 feet when you point it upwards.

  4. Josh 46928 says:

    how old were Adam and Julien when the first Nerf Socom vid was made and why did Julien have himself plus 6 over skull team members in the pilot when Adam had himself and one S team member?

  5. jonathan says:

    nice revieww.
    How many nerf guns do you have?
    I have 34.
    My favorite nerf gun is the nerf alpha trooper and sidearm the nerf strongarm.


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