Rayven CS-18 vs Stryfe Comparison

Julian compares the Nerf Elite Rayven CS-18 with the Elite Stryfe.



  1. kulunak says:

    Demoliher 2-1 vs Stryfe

  2. jake the nerfer says:

    I like the stryfe way better.

  3. thomas purple says:

    Zombie series please

  4. ali says:

    do a comparison with the raven and the rapidstrike

  5. James says:

    I like the stryfe

  6. Anson says:

    I personally like the stryfe better,

  7. nerf lover says:

    Awesome video but you sound a bit down are you alright?

    If you are please remember you have hundreds or thousands of fans.:):):):):)

  8. monkeyser says:

    I have the stryfe but not the rayven.NERF SOCOM when will you upload the first episode of the zombie series.

  9. Neil Ivan Modena says:

    2nd one to see yay!

    By the way Nerf Socom, when will you upload the video about your previous contest. tnx

  10. Michael heckman says:

    Omg first one to see

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