Nerf vs Airsoft

Adam and Julian get into a fight over whether Nerf or Airsoft is better. Which one do you think is better?

“Adam and Julian get into an argument about whether airsoft or Nerf is better and then it turns into a full blown war. Julian destroys Adam and Julian and proves Nerf is better than airsoft.”
Video idea submitted by Anthony S. for the NSN E15 contest!


Adam Oliver – Adam/DP/Editor

Julian Oliver – Julian

Peter Farrell – Camera Operator



  1. nerf really sucks says:

    Bruh nerf is for nerd and it is air soft or nothing!

  2. Julian says:

    It’s Nerf or Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nerf man says:

    do nerf vs boomco

  4. Daniel says:

    My friends like Airsoft better than Nerf but me and my brother like Nerf better than Airsoft.

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